Pathway to Excellence “The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, cybersecurity and ethical principles”

Pathway to Excellence "The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, cybersecurity and ethical principles"

by Elvira Parente


The Path of Excellence, implemented within the framework of the Jean Monnet Building Trust in Human Centric Artificial Intelligence project, focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence and the practical implications of data protection, cybersecurity and ethical principles is now halfway through its course. This pathway is part of the additional educational offerings of Bachelor’s Degree L20 Innovative technologies for digital communication, but it is cross-curricular in nature and is also open to individuals from outside the university. This training course is proposed as an opportunity to enhance students’ digital skills, with a focus on those related to media/digital literacy. The main objective of the course is to provide participants, through an interdisciplinary perspective, with greater awareness and critical thinking skills on the vast topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Students are actively involved in weekly lab activities, which allow them to enrich their knowledge under the guidance of leading professors in the fields of AI and cybersecurity. The lecturers, with their alternating roles as mentors, offer a variety of approaches and perspectives that enhance the students’ learning experience. Legal aspects related to the use of AI are explored, exploring the rules and regulations governing its adoption and implementation in various contexts. This includes the study of data protection laws such as GDPR and some regulations such as the AI Act, which provide a legal framework to ensure ethical and responsible use. Ethical and social implications were the focus of discussions, encouraging students to reflect on the moral challenges associated with the creation and use of AI. This includes 

examining issues of transparency and accountability, as well as considering its role in shaping society. In addition, the connections between AI, data protection and cybersecurity were explored, highlighting the importance of protecting sensitive data and ensuring information security in a context where this new form of intelligence is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. 

Students explored data privacy challenges, i.e., strategies and technologies to mitigate the risks of cybersecurity and data protection breaches. Now more than halfway through the course, students continue along this awareness-raising path with enthusiasm and determination, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that the world of AI and cybersecurity offers them.

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Percorso di Eccellenza “L'uso dell'IA e le connotazioni pratiche della protezione dei dati, della sicurezza informatica e dei principi eitici”

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