Module 2

MODULE 2 – The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, IT security and ethical principles

35 hours per academic year
extended mode
recipients: students of the L20 three-year degree course in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication, other students of Link Campus University and external subjects.
This module addresses:

  • The knowledge gap on AI and the characteristics it must have to be in line with EU fundamental principles.
  • The knowledge gap on the ethical implications of using AI.
  • The knowledge gap on data protection and cybersecurity related to the use of artificial intelligence;
  • The gap relating to the implications linked to digital communication and the related responsibility profiles.
  • The EU Code of Ethics and issues related to the ethical use of AI in a historical context such as the current one
  • The practices prohibited for AI, those that leverage the vulnerabilities of individuals (linked to social or economic status), and the transparency measures necessary for the lawful use of AI.



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Artificial intelligence. Practical applications in the field of translation.
Path to excellence: The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, cybersecurity and ethical principles
academic year 2023/2024


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