Discovering Artificial Intelligence

Discovering Artificial Intelligence

The Path of Excellence “The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, cybersecurity and ethical principles”, which is part of the Buth-AI project at Link Campus University, has started.

The project is a real journey that takes participants on an articulated discovery of artificial intelligence. It begins with a purely theoretical introductory part, in which the regulatory aspects of AI, ethics and data protection are addressed.

The lecturers involved, Avv. Bianchini, Avv. Bolognini, Avv. De Stefani and Dr. Raguseo, have modulated their lessons with a specific intention, namely that of making AI “accessible” also to non-experts, developing critical thinking that can lead students to understand the implications linked to the use of this technology and enable them to consciously choose whether and under what conditions to use and rely on artificial intelligence tools.

It is precisely this critical approach to new technologies that will characterize the second part of the course, in which students will try their hand at writing popular materials aimed at younger subjects.

They will thus become the vehicle for spreading digital culture, explaining even the most complex aspects of AI in a simple way.

In other words, AI explained to young people by young people, with an eye not only on the risks but also, and above all, on the opportunities that this technology offers us.

Alla scoperta dell’intelligenza artificiale

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