Launch of the BUTH-AI project

The DITES Research Center is pleased to announce the start of the project Erasmus+ span>BuTH-AI, Building Trust in Human Centric Artificial Intelligence. The project, which started in September 2023, and will last 36 months, mainly aims to:
  • promote European values ​​regarding thesafe and legal use of AI, respecting fundamental human rights
  • contribute to EU policiesfor developing and improving AI-related awareness and skills< /span>
  • develop trust in AI promoting research, teaching and dissemination activities and events on these topics span>
  • promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of EU studies worldwide;
  • promote dialogue between academia and society, including policy makers at the local and state levels, public officials, civil society actors, representatives of different levels of education and the media;
  • generate knowledge and insights to support EU decision-making;
  • strengthening the EU’s role in Europe and in the globalized world;
  • reach a wider audience and spread knowledge of the EU throughout society (beyond the academic world and the specialized public), bringing the ‘EU to the public.
The project is divided into two modules which will be repeated annually for the entire duration of the project.
Module 1: The European Union’s human-centered approach to AI, PCTO aimed at high school students and teachers lasting 30 hours per academic year. The objective of the module will be to train young people on the following topics:
  • The European approach to excellence and trust in AI;
  • Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI;
  • Policy and investment recommendations for trustworthy AI;
  • Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI);
  • Social implications of using AI.
  Module 2: The use of AI and the practical connotations of data protection, IT security and ethical principles< span style="font-weight: 400;">. This is an interdisciplinary module aimed at students of the L20 three-year degree course in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication and lasting 35 hours per academic year. The teaching activity planned for this module can be summarized in the following points:
  • introduction to AI
  • data protection: legislation, fundamental aspects and the relationship with AI
  • analysis of personal data used by AI
  • (LCU), Fabio Masini (Euractiv), Federica De Stefani (LCU).
  • cybersecurity and the relationship between cybersecurity and AI
  • analysis and study of the code of ethics
  • ethical implications of using AI.
There is also a call for papersfor the journal academic “Community Notebooks, People, Education and Welfare in Society 5.0” whose theme will be the humancentric approach to AI. Project code: 101127627 Scientific coordinator: Stefania Capogna (LCU) Partner:, the DiTES research center, the magazine “Quaderni di community, People, education and welfare in society 5.0”, Impact Hub Rome, Promedia 2000 srl, Euractiv & CesUE, the Stella Argeade association, the E-campus university, the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Enhancement, Exprivia, European Academy of Interacademic studies Advisory board: Riccardo Botteri (E-campus), Dario Carrera (LCU), Giovanni Crisonà (, Giorgio Grimaldi (LCU) , Giorgio Grimaldi  Teaching Staff: Filippo Bianchini (Lawyer), Luca Bolognini (Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation), Maria Chiara De Angelis (LCU), Federica De Stefani (LCU), Eugenio De Gregorio (LCU), Francesco Niglia (LCU), Domenico Raguseo (Exprivia), Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani (LCU).
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